Layflat Hoses

C&T Chemical Company is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of polymer (TPU, PVC) layflat hoses and rubber products. After being established some years ago, it had enough time to conquer the market.  As widely known, a polymer layflat hose is considered one of the most effective pipelines for long-distance pumping of large volumes of water, oil, fuel and other liquids. It is generally used in the petrochemical and power industries, fire control, agriculture and the environmental protection. Our company offers you several types of polyurethane layflat hoses. All of them are high quality products which can be applied for different purposes.

All our products safe and absolutely eco-friendly. Additionally, we offer the necessary pipe fittings and couplings to make your layflat hose assembling more effective, comfortable and easier. Besides, we possess a very reliable Client Support Service to make your order more convenient and trouble-free.

Technical features of TPU layflat hose:

  • chemically neutral;
  • resistant to aggressive substances;
  • UV protection;
  • operating temperature from  -50°C to +80°C;
  • high mechanical strength and durability;
  • high abrasion resistance;
  • high burst pressure up to 8.4 MPa;
  • compact storage;
  • can be stored wet;  
  • supplied with copper anti-static wire for electrical continuity.